It's Starting to Feel Like Christmas!

The 2020 Christmas Collection is mix of whimsy and historical characters. The six characters available are one-of-a-kind, hand-sculpted by Maria Saracino. They are sculpted in polymer clay and dressed in textiles and recycled furs. Many of the accessories and props are also hand-crafted or vintage finds.

1. Julenisse and Nisse, a woodland Norwegian Santa and his mischievious sidekick. Santa stands 25" tall. The whole composition to the top of the tree is 33" tall on a 10 x 10" base. He is dressed in a brown suede coat, a tibetan lamb beard, handmade snow shoes and he carries both the essentials, toys and books. His sidekick carries some toys but he also carries coal for the bad children. $975.Cdn

2. Victorian Father Christmas - 24" tall, this wind swept Victorian Father Christmas is dressed in an irredescent red coat trimmed in ivory mink, over a tartan underdress - a node to his English/Scottish roots. $$750.Cdn

3. Picture Day at the Mall - a classic photo op the first time you bring your kids to take a photo with Santa. This composition was inspired by my granddaughter's first Christmas photo. 19" tall x 9x9" - Santa is sitting on a purple velvet hand crafted chair, trimmed in gold rope and crystal button detailing. Santa wears a red velvet suit trimmed in white rabbit and baby is in full tantrum mode. $850.Cdn

4. Rocking Horse Santa - a whimsical Santa sits atop a vintage wooden rocking horse. 22" tall x 19 x 7" He's wearing black velvet pants and black leather boots, a red velvet jacket trimmed in ivory mink and a Tibetan lamb beard. $625. Cdn

5. Checking the List, Santa Bust - A happy Santa checking off his list of deliveries. A great table top or sidebar centerpiece. Surround him with all the small packages or shiny glass ornaments. Dress in a hand-knit sweater, trimmed in black fur and his beard is long haired Tibetan Lamb. $325.Cdn

6. La Befana (aka Babushka) Legend tells she was one of the Inn Keepers that turned Mary and Joseph away in Bethlehem. When the wise men came by a week later, she realized her mistake and tried to follow them, but got lost. Now she roams the skies in Europe, looking for the Christ Child, leaving gifts to children along the way. 21" tall, she wears a burgundy velvet cape over a red silk apron and she carries goodies and toys for the girls and boys she visits. $600. Cdn