Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions . . . 

1.  How is the artwork shipped? How soon will I receive it?

The sculptures are shipped by Canada Post or by Priority US Post. However if the piece is oversized it may be shipped by UPS Service. We aim for a 3-5 day delivery time, but sometimes if it is being shipped from Canada to the US it is considered international and it may take up to 7 business days. The pieces are bubble wrapped and double boxed for protection.

2.  Is work insured? What do I do in case of damage?

Yes, the packages are insured. If it is possible to repair the piece we will do so at our cost, including shipping. If the piece is beyond repair then we will issue a full refund and follow-up with the insurance.

3. How do I care for the sculptures?

There are some basic care points that apply to any original art, whether paintings, sculptures or anything with textiles. Keep your art away from direct sunlight or any heat or humidity source. To clean dust off your piece using a feather duster or your blow dryer on the low and cool setting. Never use a vacuum. Maria recommends an acrylic or glass case and would be happy to price one for you.

4.  How long does it take you to sculpt a piece?

It varies depending on how many characters are in the sculpture, the size and complexity of the costumes or accessories. I can spend anywhere between 20 and 80 hours on a piece, but the average is 30-40 hours.