Artist's Bio

Maria Saracino is an award winning figurative artist. Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada.

Working as a graphic artist for 18 years, she honed her skills creating watercolour,acrylic and multi-media paintings as well as experimenting with textiles and sculpture.

Maria discovered polymer clay in the mid 1990's and the creative possibilities of figurative sculptures. Maria's one-of-a-kind sculptures have been recognized by leading international publications. Her work has won several awards as well as being included in special exhibits at museums and galleries across Canada and the United States. During this time she has also developed a gift line that includes her limited edition Elves and Fairies as well as other unique seasonal items.


2014 People's Choice Award, AOE Arts Council, SELECTION Exhibit for "The Selfie"

"The News" selected for ART KUDOS 2014-2015 One Year International Online Exhibit

Art Work of the Month for May 2014,

Art Master This Month, March 2014, Gallery For.Me, NY

First Prize Winner in Figureworks 2013 

Winner of the 1997 One-of-a-Kind Classic

Winner of 2001 Industry's Choice DOTY

Nominee in the 2000-2001 Awards of Excellence

Canadian Doll Artists 2005 Honour Award

2013 Most Attractive Display Award, The Ottawa Doll Show

Winner of the 2014 Easter Seals Art Competition


Publications and Exhibits

Reverie Publishing Company announces . . . Joan Muysken Pursley's Christmas Dolls. A collection of contemporary dolls, this beautiful book will bring out the Christmas spirit in all who open its pages. More than 200 color photos of dolls by today's top international artists and manufacturers including Canadian artist Maria Saracino, bring to life every aspect of this beloved holiday. 96 pages $29.95. Hard cover with dust jacket.

Life size Sculpture on display in the seasonal Christmas Exhibit at the CN Tower, Toronto, ON

Life size sculpture on display in the seasonal Children's Victorian Christmas Exhibit at the Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec

Hopeless Romantic, 20" sculpture on display in the 3 year Timeless Treasures Exhibit at the Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec

Christmas 2001 display at the Godrich Museum, Godrich, ON

Broadway Bears, New York Broadway Fundraiser for Aids Research. Design of "Scarecrow" bear from the Wiz, signed by actress Stephanie Mills.

Presenza Exhibit, Museum of Civilization, 2003-2004

Current member of the National Capital Network of Sculptors