'Life's Simple Pleasures' Exhibit

I'm thrilled to announce an exclusive exhibit at the Orange Art Gallery in Ottawa, Ontario called "Life's Simple Pleasures". From February 4 to the 22nd, the gallery will be showcasing over 30 of my sculptures that celebrate the simplicity and rewards of everyday life. With Valentine's Day falling right in the middle of the exhibit, there will be a collection of works that fall in the "Romance" sub category - after all, romance is one of life's sweetest simple pleasures.

Also included in the exhibit is a series of 20 relief sculptures called "Study of Expression". I had a lot of fun doing this series and even threw in a portrait of my son. Here's a picture of the series, but it's even better in person. If you have the opportunity to visit the gallery you'll probably recognize some personalities or characters you know in the group.

study in expression

chris expressionsThe idea for this series came from a conversation where I referred to people I know as my "artsy friends" or my "Rotary friends". Thinking about it, I realized I wasn't the only one who characterizes my friends. Someone I know made mention of her "yoga friends" or "work friends". This series is a celebration of the different people in our lives - how we're all different but all connected by a common element.

In addition to the exhibit I will also be doing a demonstration and offering some hands-on mini-workshops on the first Saturday of the exhibit. I hope you can make it to the exhibit, but for those of you who live to far,  keep checking my facebook page at www.facebook.com/saracinocollection, or this blog for photos of the new pieces.lp-3